Presidents Day


Since today is Presidents Day, I couldn't help but think about the political connections of one of our greatest presidents to this old house. Indirectly connected, but still . . . 

As I sit here typing, in this very room over 140 years ago history was alive! Arnold Krekel had completed the construction of his splendid home and was beginning his career, with a special boost from the United States President, Abraham Lincoln.

Judge Krekel had strong political aspirations, and if memory serves me correctly, he originally requested an ambassadorship to Germany  . . . instead, as a thank you for his service to the Union, Arnold Krekel was given the position of Federal Judge by President Lincoln, and it was a position which eventually moved Judge Krekel to Kansas City, where he lived until his retirement on June 9, 1888. From Kansas City, he then moved to St. Charles where he lived out his last days.