It was pretty ...

but I can't wait for Spring!!!


Actually Missouri weather wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact I rather enjoyed it. The trick was wearing at least four layers of clothing! LOL ... And UGGS. They laugh at us in Australia over UGGs because they use them for house slippers (and only pay a fraction of what we do) ... We use them to survive! ... Ok enough promoting UGGs

I have another learning curve ahead regarding landscaping and gardening Missouri style. I must say I have fallen in love with "knock out roses" ... And peonies (just wish they would last longer!) The header of this website is a shot of our peonies at the inn. I got out with my camera just in time because they were gone the next day?!

I want the inn to have beautiful lush landscaping and flowers of some type blooming all season. My neighbor, Jim Dyke, does a wonderful job of filling his yard will color. I guess I need to go sit with one of our local nurseries and get a crash course on central Missouri plantings, preferably native plantings to keep maintenance at a minimum. I think I will do some 'before and after' shots to document my progress. Any tips would be welcome!