Opening Again January 4, 2017

The Inn has been closed for the winter holidays, but we continue to take reservations for 2017.  We will open again to guest accommodations starting January 4, 2017.  The Inn affords a beautiful view of the river, even during the colder months.  And inside, you'll enjoy comfort and a relaxed atmosphere no matter what time of year you stay with us!  Year-round you will find activities to delight you in Jefferson City - make your reservation today!

OPEN for 2016

We have been dodging the snow and entertaining guests at Cliff Manor already this year.  Our guests have come to Jefferson City for various reasons:  government business, seminars, general business, birthdays, anniversaries, visit family, mini vacation, and even to take exams!  Soon, bicyclists on the KATY trail will be staying with us, as well, and enjoying the comfortable rooms and beautiful view. 


We continue to host many guests this year.  KATY trail riders have been especially popular, even though some come to our door wet and muddy!  Will the "rainy season" ever end here this year?!? 


The Inn has been busy this month, hosting new guests and returning guests within its walls.  Several guests have been making their trek along the KATY Trail.  Others have been enjoying much appreciated "R & R," or celebrating a special occasion.  We enjoy each and every one!

Opening Again in May 2015

This stately home decided to take a break over the winter months.  But now that spring is well on its way, these wonderful rooms are getting ready to be enjoyed again.  We are refreshing every room so that we can accommodate you as you experience Jefferson City, starting May 1st.

Flash From the Past!

Thomas Jefferson Visits Cliff Manor and Jefferson City!

He looks like he fits right in. Wonder what he and Judge Krekel would have discussed?

He looks like he fits right in. Wonder what he and Judge Krekel would have discussed?

It was such a pleasure to have Bill Barker, aka Thomas Jefferson, visit us all the way from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. 

"Mr. Jefferson" was here to speak at several venues in Jefferson City including two schools, a visit to the Governor's Mansion where he and Abe Lincoln met up, as well as speaking for the Historic City of Jefferson and doing a radio broadcast.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and discussing our constitution in light of today's politics and opinions. He is a remarkable speaker and it was definitely our honor having him.

If you visit Colonial Williamsburg, don't miss his presentation.

An Author Among Us . . .

Kim Todd and Parents

We were pleased to have Kim Todd and her parents stay at the Inn recently. Kim co-edited an autobiography of Jean Jennings Bartik, a mathematician who graduated from Northwest University in Maryville,  and was one of several woman programmers who were recruited to work on the top secret ENIAC program during WWII. 

Kim was invited to speak to the Jefferson City Archive members about Jean Jennings Bartik and was kind enough to leave a copy of her book with us at the Inn.

The complete book title is Pioneer Programmer - Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer That Changed The World.

Presidents Day


Since today is Presidents Day, I couldn't help but think about the political connections of one of our greatest presidents to this old house. Indirectly connected, but still . . . 

As I sit here typing, in this very room over 140 years ago history was alive! Arnold Krekel had completed the construction of his splendid home and was beginning his career, with a special boost from the United States President, Abraham Lincoln.

Judge Krekel had strong political aspirations, and if memory serves me correctly, he originally requested an ambassadorship to Germany  . . . instead, as a thank you for his service to the Union, Arnold Krekel was given the position of Federal Judge by President Lincoln, and it was a position which eventually moved Judge Krekel to Kansas City, where he lived until his retirement on June 9, 1888. From Kansas City, he then moved to St. Charles where he lived out his last days.

It was pretty ...

but I can't wait for Spring!!!


Actually Missouri weather wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact I rather enjoyed it. The trick was wearing at least four layers of clothing! LOL ... And UGGS. They laugh at us in Australia over UGGs because they use them for house slippers (and only pay a fraction of what we do) ... We use them to survive! ... Ok enough promoting UGGs

I have another learning curve ahead regarding landscaping and gardening Missouri style. I must say I have fallen in love with "knock out roses" ... And peonies (just wish they would last longer!) The header of this website is a shot of our peonies at the inn. I got out with my camera just in time because they were gone the next day?!

I want the inn to have beautiful lush landscaping and flowers of some type blooming all season. My neighbor, Jim Dyke, does a wonderful job of filling his yard will color. I guess I need to go sit with one of our local nurseries and get a crash course on central Missouri plantings, preferably native plantings to keep maintenance at a minimum. I think I will do some 'before and after' shots to document my progress. Any tips would be welcome! 



Happy Valentines!

Since this site hasn't even launched yet, I am talking to myself . . . Hi Self . . .

So second day of blogging and getting the website ready to launch. Meeting with university interns on marketing plans for this lovely old home. So many ways it can be used besides as a bed and breakfast. A home that is part of a community's history needs to be available to the community, and we have some great ideas formulating . . . even some for our younger citizens. Stay tuned!

To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question . . . 

Guess I will . . .

As I sit here planning for the new season of Katy Trail bikers, which includes rebuilding the website . . . thus the BLOG . . .  I can't help but reminisce about this past year and all that has transpired. For me it was a new city, new job, new inn, new experiences and new friends . . .

It has been enjoyable and challenging and I'm ready to do it again. The Katy Trail brings hundreds of people into the community of Jefferson City and it's good business all the way around. The pedestrian bike trail, which is a relatively new addition, has made it more convenient and enticing to spend time here.

I love having the bikers at the inn. There is an amazing spirit from those that decide to ride, sometimes as far as 240 miles, just because . . .

The camaraderie between these folks, as they challenge the trail, is inspiring. Everyone is a friend and each is ready to help any other biker in need. They come from all walks of life, but when they walk in the front door to check in, they all have something in common. They are tired, hot, thirsty and very dusty!

It doesn't take them long to relax, unwind and refresh at the inn, then they are usually heading out for dinner that evening, and if they got in early enough, they like to make it to the capitol or High Street to check out the shops and restaurants.

Then its a good night's sleep, a nutritious breakfast in the morning and they're off again . . .